Water trucks, commonly referred to as water tankers or water tank trucks, are an essential piece of machinery for any major construction company, agricultural business, mining company, or municipality. Without a water truck, dust suppression on job sites would be nearly impossible and roads would be full of sediment. Mines would become contaminated with dust and debris, given that water trucks are used to clear out holes after drilling so mineral deposits are exposed and easily accessible. Not to mention that potable water would be far more difficult to transport during draughts, and irrigation for farmland would likely suffer as well.

There are many reasons why tradesmen can benefit from having a 2,000 gallon water truck with pumps that spray in front and behind the vehicle; however, many water tankers are too expensive for businesses to afford. That’s where we come in! At Superior Equipment Inc., we have both new and used water trucks for sale in many different makes and models, so we are confident that you will find the best water truck for your operations when you buy a water truck with us. That being said, here are a few benefits of buying a used water truck, rather than purchasing a brand new model.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of buying a used water truck is that they are far cheaper than brand new models. This means that instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars for a brand new Freightliner or International water truck, you can get a good-as-new model that is just a few years old for far cheaper. Then, you can pocket the money saved on a used water truck and put it toward other equipment needed for your next project, like excavators, dozers, or some new scaffolds to keep your workers safe on the job.


Another major benefit of buying a used water truck for sale at your local water truck supplier is that they are not hard to come by. However, lots of construction equipment companies will sell used water trucks, no matter what condition they are in, so this is where you want to narrow your search. Rather than going with the first water tanker you find, do a little research on the supplier to learn how they refurbish water trucks so you know what you’re getting into. At the end of the day, it should not be difficult to find a used water tank truck for sale at an affordable price and in good condition — and you might be surprised to find out they also offer water truck delivery.


As previously mentioned, a “used” water truck does not necessarily mean that it is in poor condition; rather, it could just be an older model that the previous owner left behind when they upgraded. At Superior Equipment Inc., we only sell used water trucks that are in great working condition, and our team works tirelessly to repair and maintain all of the vehicles in our used water truck inventory. For us, each water tanker we sell is truly an honor because we know that the construction company, miner, farmer, or municipality is getting a great deal. Contact us today to learn more, or check out our current water trucks for sale in California, Texas, and all the other lower 48 states, as well as Hawaii!