Water truck spraying water in a field

Those not familiar with the full capabilities of a water truck often assume that they are not of much use outside of spraying dusty roads or cleaning street gutters at 3:00 in the morning, but they couldn’t be more incorrect. Water trucks have a plethora of uses in multiple settings, and they play an important role in these settings, sometimes critically so.

In today’s blog, the used water truck experts at Superior Equipment, Inc. will be going over the many uses of water trucks and how they can benefit a variety of circumstances.

Drought Relief

Dry weather affected nearly every state in America in 2019. California was especially hit hard by epic drought conditions that crippled the economy and forced residents to drastically reconsider how they were using their water.

For those who have been affected the most by these changes in weather, water truck operators all over the country have been coming to their rescue by delivering badly-needed water for homes, farms, businesses, and properties. It’s become very lucrative for some truck owners; so much so, in fact, that many of them have dropped their normal lines of making money and started focusing exclusively on delivering water to drought-stricken areas.

Nobody knows for sure how long the current water drought is going to last, but water truck operators have recognized the opportunity to help a lot of people and make a pretty good living while doing it.

Dust Control

Dust gets everywhere, and cleaning it up under any circumstance is a time-consuming process. This is conspicuously true for industries like construction, roadwork, and mining, where dust cleanup is a constant activity that sucks up labor, time, and money. Considering that dust not only slows down work, but can affect laborers’ health in the form of eye irritation and cardiovascular issues, it’s doubly important for a company to properly handle dust fallout on their work sites.

Water trucks save companies millions of dollars a year by delivering water to work sites all over the United States, where it is used to spray down roads, construction sites, and mining spots to help cut down on the amounts of dust and dirt that can collect in a short period of time. Without water trucks, workers at these places would have a difficult time keeping up.

Soil Compaction

Soil at construction sites must be compacted in order to provide a safe and level ground for the building of roads, bridges, and other structures. Water helps in this process by providing the perfect amount of water needed to soften the soil just enough to allow for the perfect distribution of air and physical material. The result is soil that can be compacted with ease by compacting tools like vibrator plates, rammers, and rollers.

Too much water can make soil unstable, leading to muddy mess that is difficult to compact. Too little water will not allow soil particles to adhere to each other, which can make compacting useless. With a water truck doing the spraying, clients are assured the perfect conditions for soil compaction.

Potable Water Delivery

Potable water is defined as water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation. Oftentimes, water from lakes and rivers is so polluted that alternatives must be found for a cleaner source.

For communities that don’t have easy access to clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing, a regular delivery of potable water can be a lifesaver. Large construction sites need it to provide drinking water to the people working there. Farmers often need to get potable water for their wells and livestock from outside sources. In all of these situations, water truck companies are there to deliver safe and clean water.


Water trucks play a significant role in helping fight fires, especially in urban areas where there are no fire hydrants or closeby sources of water to help put out blazes. In Australia, where wildfires have decimated vegetation and wildlife populations and forced thousands to flee from their homes, water trucks have been key part of the fights against the deadly blazes.

Water trucks also come in handy for preventing fires from breaking out in the first place. In areas where fire may pose a potential hazard, water is sprayed as a preventative measure against dry conditions and heat, both of which can contribute to the risk of fire.


Farming is an industry that uses over 400 billion gallons of freshwater a year to feed livestock, irrigate crops, and apply pesticides and other chemicals to their land. With this much water being used, it’s no surprise that water trucks are a necessity for the delivery of their precious H2O.

Water trucks were implemented to great effect in the U.S. during the Midwest and West Coast drought of 2011-2016, when they were deployed to provide recycled water to farmers who needed it for irrigating their crops. Without them, the damage that resulted from the drought would have been even worse.

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