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  1. A group of firefighters pose in front of a fire truck

    The Important Roles Of Water Trucks In Emergencies

    Water Trucks And Daily Life Water trucks, or water tankers, provide potable and nonpotable water for a variety of uses, including dust control, drinking water delivery, firefighting, and farming. While you may not notice them in daily life, you’d certainly realize they weren’t around when the se…Read More

  2. Water truck spraying water in a field

    The Many Uses Of A Water Truck

    Those not familiar with the full capabilities of a water truck often assume that they are not of much use outside of spraying dusty roads or cleaning street gutters at 3:00 in the morning, but they couldn’t be more incorrect. Water trucks have a plethora of uses in multiple settings, and they play…Read More

  3. What Are Water Trucks?

    Superior Equipment is the Top Rated Local® water truck supplier serving construction companies throughout California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and other states across the Midwest. Aside from the construction companies and miners that use water trucks on a regular basis, not many people know…Read More